Wylie HS collecting donations to deliver to Rockport-Fulton HS

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After witnessing Hurricane Harvey's devastation, students at a Wylie High School decided to help by collecting donations.

The goods will go to a Rockport school that shares the same mascot, the Pirates.

The principal of Wylie High School and several kids said they were really moved by the images of the damage in Rockport. He said sometimes in addition to financial support, he and his kids wanted to offer emotional support.

Wylie students wrote letter after letter to students at Rockport High School, down on the Texas Coast, who are still devastated by damage from Harvey.

"These kids aren't even able to go to their schools anymore because of the tragedy that they faced,” said student Nadia Allen. “Some are being relocated to other schools. They're being separated from their friends."

Students in Wylie wanted to help. They've been selling t-shirts and shoes to raise money and have been collecting supplies for students there.

Since both schools share the same mascot they came up with a slogan: Separated by miles. United as Pirates.

Next Friday during Wylie's Bye Week, students, staff and parents will be loading up three charter buses paid for with donations and will be driving down to Rockport High School to cheer them on during their football game.

"We wanted to do something a little above, a little off the top, and our kids have responded,” said Wylie HS Principal Virdie Montgomery. “I think I could fill up six buses if we really could do it."

The response from Rockport High School was heartfelt gratitude.

"It just kind of touches your heart and allows you to know that there's more good than bad,” said Aransas County ISD Asst. Superintendent Tisha Piwetz. “And that even when you’re having a tough time, there's people out there who want to support you through it. It doesn't always have to be financial or physical, but being there in an emotional type way to be there to support is huge."

The assistant superintendent said the district's estimated back to school date is October 9, but the high school and middle school students will all be in portables. The buildings won't be repaired for another several months.