Woman found dead in car outside Dallas motel

Police believe a woman found dead in a car outside a Dallas motel may have been there for half a day.

Someone reported finding her body just after midnight Tuesday at the Love Field Inn on Mockingbird Lane, which is near the airport.

Although it is a motel, many of the guests actually live there. None of them recognized the red Dodge Charger or the woman, who appeared to be in her 30s.

Many of them said they saw the car running during the day, but they assumed the person inside was sleeping. After several hours, one neighbor did go to check.

“He discovered that the car was there and nobody had never saw it before, because you know we watch out for strange cars. So he went to the window and he tap, tap, tapped on the window to wake the person up and then he noticed that they was dead. They was dead, shot, so he called the police,” said Cathy Thompson.

Dallas police said the victim had been shot in the face. She likely died around noon, which is about the time other guests said they heard what may have been gunfire.

It’s still early in the investigation and police said it’s unclear who shot the woman and why. They’re interviewing one guest who saw someone get out of the passenger seat of the car and leave the motel earlier in the day.

The victim’s identity has not yet been released.