With Fort Worth curfew over, protesters peacefully march into Friday night

With Fort Worth's citywide curfew no longer in place, peaceful protesters marching all day well into Friday night.

Hundreds of protesters marched around downtown and all the way to West Seventh Street before dispersing. Several groups joined together to one big group. They marched through the streets peacefully.

 “It's opening up people's eyes more than anything,” said protester Charles Ferrell. “I don't know about the change, but I think it's starting to make people aware.”

Protesters said they welcome officers kneeling, but they are hoping for policy changes instead.

“We don’t need police officers kneeling. We don’t need police officers hugging,” one person said. “We need justice, and we need reform.”

Protests remained peaceful all day. Police kept a distance but followed the group.

The group said they specifically wanted to disrupt West Seventh Street area because it’s a popular area and they wanted attention. However, there was never a threat of violence.