Wilmer-Hutchins H.S. seniors reconnect in virtual lunchroom

Graduating seniors from Wilmer Hutchins High School were brought together Thursday for a celebration in a virtual lunchroom experience.

Lunchtime was always the time to see your friends you didn't have class with and to catch up. Since districts shifted to online learning, lunchtime hangouts have been a thing of the past. Until Thursday.

With the song "Don't Fake" in the mix, it was like being the cafeteria at lunch for the seniors.

“I'm just excited to be able to see my friends all together again for this chicken and chat,” said Dominic Harris, senior.

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“It’s been a challenge for us seniors, we're not able to talk to our friends any more in person,” Citlaly Gonzales said.

Food from Williams Fried Chicken was picked up at the school by seniors while practicing social distancing.

“Williams built the business by supporting and giving back to the community, and mainly schools,” said Toska Medlock, Lee /Williams Chicken Partners in Education.

The chat part took place in a Zoom room for the virtual lunch and was made possible by C.J. Miles, who played high school basketball at Skyline High School before the NBA.

“They should be celebrated and because of what's going on right now they're not getting it when they're getting ready to step out into the world and start doing things for themselves,” Miles said.

About 45 seniors hung out in the cyber cafeteria.

“It's priceless. Our kids have worked hard over the last 12 or 13 years of their career and to have it their senior year in this situation… it’s just special, its special to show that our community cares,” said Jasen Campbell, principal, Wilmer Hutchins High School.

Chicken and chat for seniors will happen at other Dallas schools throughout the month of May.

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