Wheels stolen from cars in The Colony

Police are looking for thieves who stole wheels off several vehicles in The Colony.

The owners discovered what happened when they tried to leave for work Wednesday morning.

One victim also found out his gun was gone.

Torrey Pinkerton was heading to work around 7 a.m. Wednesday when he saw something out of the ordinary.

“Opened the garage, come out to the truck and see that’s on blocks,” he said. “All four tires and wheels are gone and the passenger side front window is shattered.”

“Saw my truck on blocks, all four tires and wheels are gone and the passenger window shattered,” he said.

Pinkerton and his fiancée say it's disturbing how the thieves managed to shatter his truck’s windows and leave his truck on cinderblocks so quietly.

“The dogs didn't bark, my fiancée didn't wake up, our little girl didn’t wake up,” said Pinkerton.

Pinkerton’s fiancée, Rachelle Deaderick, says the worst part is knowing that their gun is in the wrong hands.

“You think of an opportunist criminal stealing a gun, you know what that's going to be used for,” said Deaderick. “Now, we've contributed to another crime."

Just a half-mile away, another car was left propped up on cinder blocks with all four wheels and tires stolen.

Police say you can get locks for your wheels. Pinkerton had those locks, but the thieves managed to find the key inside the car’s console.