West Dallas residents sign mortgages to buy homes

Some struggling West Dallas residents who were close to eviction from their rental homes are now new homeowners.

Landlord HMK Ltd. was going to evict everyone by June 3 instead of bringing up the homes to new, tougher city codes. Instead Khraish Khraish is now offering to sell those homes to the tenants.

The homes cost $65,000 with no down payment and a 20-year mortgage.

Some have already taken advantage of the offer and signed on the dotted line on Thursday.

"I'm excited now. We do need to do some remodeling to the house, but that'll take time. It’s my house now so I can do it whenever I want,” said Raul Mancilla.

The new homeowners will still be responsible for bringing the homes up to code. Community volunteer groups have pledged to help residents who may not be able to complete the repairs on their own.