Punishments handed out after Weatherford college pitcher tackled hitter during baseball game

A college baseball pitcher was suspended for charging at and tackling a hitter after giving up a home run.

But it was teammates of the hitter who was tackled after rounding third who got the worst punishment.

This happened Wednesday in the sixth inning of a game between Weatherford College and North Central Texas College.

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The conference in charge of both teams announced its punishments Thursday.

Owen Woodward, the pitcher for Weatherford College, received a four-game suspension.

The base runner he tackled, Josh Phillips, was suspended for two games.

Umpires said Phillips shouted an expletive at Woodward as he was rounding second base. Their report said it was the second time in the game he was mouthing off.

In addition, the conference gave two-game suspensions to all but two North Central Texas College players for rushing the field on the third base line, right in front of their dugout.

Four other Weatherford College players also received two-game suspensions for crossing the field.

Both teams forfeited the game and North Central Texas College was told it will have to forfeit the remaining two games in the series if it can’t field enough players.

The pitcher, Woodward, is also facing disciplinary action by Weatherford College, and campus police are investigating as well.