Warrant: Fitness trainer died from head wound

Investigators in Midlothian may be taking a close look at fitness trainer Missy Bevers’ financial transactions and personal communications.

According to a search warrant, police searched Bevers' gray Ford F150. They were looking for receipts, writings, an iPad, personal notes, credit cards, identifying information, bank statements and other electronic devices as evidence.

The document also states Bevers died of a head wound from an unknown instrument.

Former Dallas County prosecutor Toby Shook is not involved in this case but knows from experience what police are likely trying to track down by searching her truck.

"What they are looking for and they want to find is anyone the victim was talking to, anyone the victim was in a relationship with, anyone that gives them a clue as to where she was and who may have a motive to murder her," said Shook.

Shook says police will do a forensic examination on the iPad to learn as much as they can.

"Whatever they find on that iPad could lead them for probable cause for another search warrant for other items you could leave them somewhere else," he explained.

Thursday afternoon, Missy's husband, Brandon Bevers, was at the Midlothian Police Station for several hours talking to investigators. Nearly two dozen detectives now working this case.

Local, state and federal agencies are helping Midlothian police investigate the murder. They are reviewing surveillance video from the Creekside Church of Christ where Bevers was found dead on Monday morning.

The video shows someone dressed in police tactical gear burglarizing the church around the time of the murder. Many believe Bevers was a target.

“It was just enough so that if she ran into him she would think it was a police officer and that she was safe so that he can get close enough without her trying to run and get away,” said Catherine Torrez, the former Cockrell Hill police chief.

Torrez also said the video indicates the person in the police gear may have been in the church building previously. The alarm reportedly was not activated on the day of the murder.