Waitress testifies in civil trial about drunk driving death of Dallas Cowboys player

Questioning grew intense Friday in the trial of family suing the club that served former Dallas Cowboys player Josh Brent the night he crashed and killed his friend.        

Family members of jerry brown says the bar where Brent and Brown partied before Brent crashed in Irving overserved him, so they sued the club. Two witnesses took the stand Friday -- a waitress who served Brent the evening of the fatal crash and the owner of the private club being sued.

A former Beamers cocktail waitress told jurors she sold only one bottle of Hennessy to Brent’s group table and only poured him one drink during the nearly hour and a half he was there. She said he did not show any signs of intoxication. The waitresses testified in a year of working bottle service at the VIP club, she’d only seen one person pour themselves a drink -- something prohibited by the club policy.

Brown’s attorneys showed video of the waitresses’ VIP section that night showing multiple people pouring themselves drinks and some even drinking from the bottles. The video even showed Brent holding up what appears to be two champagne bottles.

Defense attorneys showed video of Brent walking into the club and 75 minutes later walking out and getting into his Mercedes just minutes before the fatal crash. An expert testified Brent’s blood alcohol level was .189, the equivalent of 14 drinks in his system at the time.

The defense claims Brent was the sole cause of Brown‘s death because he was drunk and speeding when he lost control of his vehicle.

Brent is also named in the lawsuit, but so far has not shown up to defend himself. While Brent doesn’t have to show up in court for the lawsuit, he has been subpoenaed to testify as a witness.

Brent is slated to testify in this case on Monday.