Volunteers pleased with response to fundraising for fallen Fort Worth officer's family

An annual ‘Back the Blue' event in Fort Worth coming up this weekend has added meaning with the recent loss of Fort Worth Officer Garrett Hull.

Volunteers have been selling t-shirts to raise funds for Hull's family, and the response has been big. There will be many people will be wearing them on Saturday for Fort Worth's "Main Street Backs the Blue" event.

The online orders alone for the t-shirt honoring Hull have exceeded 3,000. More than 6,000 were printed.

The deadline to order has been extended to Thursday night.

Hull was an undercover officer who was shot and killed nearly two weeks ago while breaking up a robbery in progress at a bar. Police say the man who killed Hull was shot and killed. Two other suspects were arrested.

Police Supporter Sherri Aaron says she spoke with Hull's wife, who said the t-shirts have special meaning to her.

"She said that she loved seeing the t-shirts with his name on it because she feels like it's a way for her to always remember him,” Aaron said.

There will be several Back the Blue events remembering Hull this weekend.

"It's just one little gesture that shows the community that we are all together. We are all one,” said Det. Manny Ramirez with the Fort Worth Police Officers Association. “You're right. It won't feel quite the same. As a matter of fact, I think most folks will actually appreciate it a little bit more just seeing the support that our community has for law enforcement. It'll mean that much more for us."

As it will for Debra Pearce, the mother of Fort Worth Officer Matt Pearce who was shot and severely wounded in 2016.

"They come and talk to us and tell us just how much they do support the police and we appreciate that,” she said. “Because I worry and pray every time my son walks out the door."

LINK: backthebluehq.com/product/garrett-hull-warrior-tee/