Vigil held in Oak Lawn for victims of Orlando nightclub attack

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The Resource Center in Dallas' Oak Lawn district held a vigil Sunday night, for the victims in Orlando.

Its Executive Director, Cece Cox, said traditionally gay clubs, like The Pulse in Orlando, are safe havens where the LGBT community can come together and be themselves, without fear of judgment or harm.

"We get to talk to one another and that's what we're trying to do," said Cox. "Having conversations based in educations and love. Because that's what we need to do as Americans."

Armed with umbrellas, flags and a sense of determination, members of the LGBT community, along with their straight allies, huddled around the entrance of the Dallas Resource Center to hear a message of hope and faith.

"It just really hit home to me," said Zach Thomas. "Because those are people I connect with. That's my family, my sisters and brothers."

After the vigil, people marched down Cedar Springs Road to the Legacy of Love monument, also in Oak Lawn.