Video shows mob beating man at DART light rail station

A woman recorded a mob beating a man to the ground at a DART station just two days after the agency talked about how its enhanced security plan is on track.

The cell phone video shows four women beating a man Wednesday afternoon at the 8th and Corinth DART light rail station in Oak Cliff.

"It was horrible,” said Kathleen Ortiz. “I've never seen anything like that, I was like praying in my head please God don't let him die."

At least 4 women are seen on the recording beating the man shortly before 3 p.m. Wednesday. You can hear the women yelling something about payback, claiming the man had stolen one of their cell phones. At one point a man who appears to be with the women joins in the attack.

"The last one where the gentleman in the black shirt and camouflage pants kicked him knocked him out -- that's when she goes you don't ever steal from a b—ch,” Ortiz said.

DART officials as recent this week said security measures to make trains, buses and platforms safer is taking shape with more guards and police officers. But Ortiz said she had to get the attention of a DART officer to help the man who would been beaten.

"Nobody wanted to help him. That's why I asked the officer, ‘Grab him!’ He was literally about to fall into the tracks,” Ortiz said.

She said witnessing such violence makes her think twice about her safety while riding DART.

"When I ride DART I'm always prepared with something on me to defend myself if need to, because you don't know,” Ortiz said.

The women involved were detained by police, but the man opted not to press charges.

The raw video is here -