Video shows escaped monkey charge at homeowner: ‘What’s a monkey doing in Oklahoma?’

An escaped pet monkey was shot and killed in southern Oklahoma after it reportedly mangled a woman’s ear and slapped a man across the face.

Video filmed by Ardmore, Oklahoma, resident Randal Flinn shows the primate snacking on an orange as it sat at Flinn’s doorway.

"What’s a monkey doing in Oklahoma?" Flinn asks while taking video of the monkey through a screen door.

When the monkey left the porch and started approaching Flinn’s dog in the yard, video shows him open the door and yell for the dog to get away.

That’s when the monkey turned around and charged aggressively at the door where Flinn stood. Flinn managed to slam the door just in time. 

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Flinn wasn’t the only person the monkey went after, according to police. Brittany Parker said the monkey, which belonged to one of her neighbors, also charged at her screen door before violently attacking her.

"He ran up my back and jumped onto my head, pulled my hair out, and then ripped my ear in half like you would a piece of paper," Parker told KFOR.

She said she called a friend for help, and when the friend arrived, the monkey approached her friend’s vehicle, "slapped him across the face and pulled his hair."

Parker said her friend shot and killed the monkey.