Video captures avalanche in Colorado roaring onto highway, covering cars with snow

A motorist on a highway in Colorado had a close call with a wall of snow and debris after an avalanche roared down a canyon Sunday near a major interstate, sending a plume of white powder across the roadway.

Jacob Easton was traveling through Ten Mile Canyon on Interstate 70 near Breckenridge when he captured the avalanche roaring down the mountain.

"All of a sudden, me and my dad just saw a big white cloud to the left of us and we instantly noticed the avalanche," he told FOX31.

In the video, Easton can be seen pulling the car over and waiting as the snow crashed down the mountain in front of him next to the interstate. His windshield was covered with snow, with visibility temporarily reduced to zero until the barrage of whiteness settled.

"It’s exciting, but pretty nerve-wracking because you don’t know when it’s going to stop," Easton told FOX31.