UNT student helps others win scholarships with YouTube videos

A University of North Texas student has a lot of expertise when it comes to snagging scholarships.

Carlynn Greene has been awarded more than 20 scholarships and helped others land more than $1 million.

"I'd say around like 15 back in high school and then like now, up til now as a junior I've won like 20 scholarships,” Green said.

The DeSoto native started posting videos with tips during her senior year in high school.

"From what I'd seen online from blogs and articles and other YouTubers who already had vlogs out regarding scholarships they weren't covering the material that I felt was necessary for everyone else to know,” Greene said.

There have been more than 100,000 views over three years and dozens of happy scholarship winners who give her credit.

Greene believes the essay portion of an application deserves major attention.

"When it comes to writing scholarship essays, which I like to consider the heart of your scholarship application, there's basically like a template I made, a formula on how to format your essay to make it more compelling to those reading it,” Greene said.

Just recently, Greene wrote an essay that fetched herself a $2,000 award from rapper, Future. She traveled to Austin to claim the cash and snagged a photo with the entertainer.

On Tuesday, she launched a fresh series of videos, calling it the scholarship algorithm.

Eventually, Greene would like to establish her own scholarship foundation and award scholarships to others. She also wants to give a TED talk on the subject of scholarships.