Uber driver surprises passenger with dress and gift card in heartwarming act of kindness

A generous Uber driver took matters into her own hands after discovering her passenger was waiting until Christmas to afford new clothes.

When Lamiyah Jabbar picked up Diane for work, the women engaged in friendly conversation and that is when Jabbar learned about her financial struggles.

Diane openly told her really wanted a new church dress and a pair of shoes, but couldn’t afford it because she takes care of her grandchildren and after paying house bills is left with very little money. She went on to say she would have to wait until the holidays to purchase the items.

After dropping off Diane, Jabbar decided to do something special for her.

In a viral video uploaded to Instagram, she pulled up to her job’s drive-thru and surprised Diane with a new Old Navy dress and a $50 Visa gift card.

“This was on my mind from the moment she got out my car, so I had to contribute can you imagine waiting till Christmas just to get a robe, house shoes and a outfit for church,” she wrote in the caption.

Diane was stunned by the random act of kindness. She graciously accepted the gifts and thanked her for the kind gesture.

“This has been such a horrible day but you’ve just made it so much better.”

Jabbar told FOX 5 that’s wants people to know it’s ok to help others.

“We all aren’t afforded the same opportunities.” Jabbar said, “So if we can help each other in any way to make their day or lives better we should, without hesitation, because helping each other can be contagious.”