Trackdown: Help find wanted fugitive Joshua Williams

Authorities need your help to track down a fugitive whose face has been shown on billboards across North Texas.

Police say fugitive Joshua Williams shot and killed a man in a botched robbery attempt for an iPhone.

It’s been more than a year since Williams has been on the lam, but police believe he is still in North Texas. The U.S Marshals Fugitive Task Force hopes they can get the help they need to find him.

On April 27 around 3:30 p.m. a group of guys went to meet 18-year-old Mark Burnough, who would lose his life in the parking lot of the Plum Tree Apartments at 6910 South Cockrell Hill Road.

“You had two people, two groups meeting up. About three to four people in each group. They came together to do a transaction,” said Detective B.K. Nelson with the U.S. Marshals North Texas Fugitive Task Force. “We look for the worst of the worst. We take care of all the violent murders and all the violent crimes. Our job is to find those people, arrest them and bring them to justice.”

Burnough and his boys showed up to sell a smartphone. A car then pulled into the parking spot. The woman behind the wheel became a part of this story through no fault of her own. The video doesn't show the group showing up supposedly to buy the iPhone 7.

“As soon as they got here, gunshots erupted,” the detective said.

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The shooting happened off camera, but Burnough fell and the phone flew from his hand.

“That person driving the car was terrified,” the detective said. “She wanted to get out of the situation. She heard the gunfire. She put her car in reverse and accidentally ran over the complainant.”

Burnough is dead. You see one of his people panicked and pacing back and forth and picked up the phone. A crowd started to gather. Another camera caught four teenagers running south down the back of the apartments who were the shooters.

“Two people are in jail. They are already convicted of this crime they're both serving 23 years,” Nelson said. “We have one individual that we're chasing.”

Joshua Williams is one of the most wanted in North Texas and is on billboards across the area.

“I wholeheartedly believe that he is still in the Dallas area,” Nelson said. “He has no place to go. He doesn’t have a job. He doesn’t have a source of income, so somebody is helping him.”

And Nelson needs someone to help him.

“I will be looking until we find him,” he said. “So we're asking for the public’s help in helping us bring this family their peace in the holiday season and start bringing Mr. Williams in custody.

There is reward money for Joshua Williams. Call U.S. Marshals at (800) 336-0102.