Trackdown: Help find thieves stealing from people after they leave Balch Springs bank

Since November, at least 10 people leaving a Balch Springs bank have been targeted in what’s called jugging.

Their vehicles were burglarized after leaving the bank.

The cash they'd just taken out was taken from their vehicles.

The crimes for cash are at the center of this week's Trackdown.

Video of one of the incidents shows a silver car pull up next to a red SUV, after the driver follows the red SUV from the bank, before someone breaks in and bolts with the money bag.

But suspects of these crimes are still at-large, as there's been no good images of the goons behind the grab-and-go jugging cases.

The vehicles they use have been caught on camera, but police say they are changing them out like most people change clothes.

As of now, police only know of 10 times this has happened, but worry there could be more.                    

“Jugging is when a thief will sit outside in the parking lot of a bank and watch as customers go in and out of the bank, and when a customer comes out with a bank bag or an envelope, they'll follow that customer to their next destination,” Balch Springs PD Detective Jared Traughber explained. “Whether that’s a local business or their residence, and when the customer gets out of their car, the thief will then break into the car and take the cash that they just withdrew from the bank.”

Det. Traughber said this has been happening to some customers as a Chase Bank in Balch Springs.

“As far as we know, we've had 10 cases like this since November of last year,” Det. Traughber said. “There's no telling how many have happened to customers that traveled outside of our city, and then been broken into.”

The only real clues so far have been the four different vehicles used by the burglars targeting bank customers.

“So far, what we've got is a silver sedan of unknown make, a newer model white Chevrolet Impala, a black sedan of unknown make, and a newer model black Nissan Altima,” the detective explained.

Police are concerned these burglars could start confronting people soon, and things could then turn violent.

If you've been a victim of a burglary of your vehicle after leaving Chase Bank in Balch Springs, or any other bank, of if you've heard some street talk about what’s been happening, call Det. Jared Traughber at 972-557-6000.

Help catch the group of juggers caught on tape but still at-large.