Trackdown: Help find the Denny's parking lot shooters

Dallas police have again turned to FOX 4's Shaun Rabb to help trackdown the people behind a shooting in the parking lot of an East Dallas Denny's restaurant.

Video shows two groups in the parking lot after leaving Denny's seconds before the shots were fired. Police say the two African American men and the woman with them are their suspects.

No one died, but three people were shot. That included a man who had nothing to do with either the victims or the suspects.

Detective Nathan Heathcote knows the Denny's restaurant at I-30 and Jim Miller Road.

“When I worked channel 3, which is just on the other side of the highway, I ate at this Denny’s almost every night,” he said. “At about 5 o’clock in the morning, it was the only thing open.”

Someone opened fire in the Denny’s parking lot on September 26. What ended in the parking lot started in the lobby.

Video shows smoke between the three Hispanic men and the group of two African American men and a woman.

“They came out here to settle their differences,” Heathcote said. “And then one thing led to another. I think there was a very small physical fight for like a few seconds. Then two of the suspects pulled out weapons and started shooting. One went through the window. There’s a few down on the wall. Then the metal door frame got hit as well. There were seven to eight people inside the Denny’s as well.”

Three people were shot, including the man on a bicycle who rode up and stopped to watch what he thought would be a fist fight. Two of the three Hispanic men were also shot. None of them had life-threatening injuries.

“I wanted to do this with you to try to help identify these three suspects,” Heathcote said. “One of them has a huge beard. Light skinned. He’s the one that got into the physical fight. He’s the one that paid at the register.”

Heathcote says the shooting is on the big man. A tall, skinny man is sweatpants was backing him up and busting caps.

“Put three people in the hospital. It could have hit more if one of these rounds that went through the window hit somebody in there,” the detective said. “So I’m just really wanting assistance with identifying these suspects.”

Anyone with information is urged to call Detective Heathcote at (214) 671-4310.