Trackdown: Help find Gerald Harris' killer

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In this week’s Trackdown, Dallas police have asked FOX4's Shaun Rabb to show our viewers video of a man who detectives say fatally shot and robbed another man in front of a group of people.

The suspect took Gerald Harris’ bicycle after shooting him.

Before killing and robbing Harris, the suspect tried to rob another man.

Police say there is a witness who refuses to help because he doesn’t like police.

Detective Derick Chaney has been back to the area almost 10 times since the murder back on August 19, as he tries to find someone who can identify the man seen on video who is wanted for capital murder.

“I have a witness who basically told me he saw the whole thing and he knows who the suspect is, but he's refusing to cooperate with police,” Det. Chaney said.

That witness is refusing to cooperate and help Det. Chaney track down a man seen in w white tank top and black shorts, who police say shot and killed Gerald Harris.

The murder happened at 12:12 a.m. on August 19, at 9205 Skillman, just north of 635.

“They were just standing right here in front of the business, and they were standing in a group as if they were joking or just talking, when the suspect approached them,” Det. Chaney explained.

Chaney said the suspect went right to Harris, as if he knew him.

“That’s when the encounter happened. That’s when he shot and killed my victim, Mr. Harris,” Chaney said.

The suspect was caught on camera by a nearby business riding off on the dead man's bicycle.

Minutes before the murder, surveillance video caught the suspect approaching a man sitting at a bus stop at Forest and Audelia, a couple of blocks north of the shooting.

“You can see him make a movement like this with his hand, and then you can see the witness kind of lift his hands up,” Det. Chaney said. “He said, ‘I told him I didn’t have anything.’”

The suspect had on a white tank top and black shorts. But what police hope will help the public identify him was that he had on a sandal, or a slide, on his right foot, with a white tennis shoe on his left foot.

And the person who saw the murder and knows the killer won’t talk to police.

“It’s one of the roadblocks that we as investigators go through,” Det. Chaney added.

Chaney is hoping someone will go through the roadblock with him.

“He was so calm and collected when he committed this murder. He could be involved in other crimes, and that’s one person we won’t have to deal with it if I can get the citizens to help me out and put him where he need to be,” Det. Chaney said.

Crime Stoppers is putting up a reward on this capital murder case.

Anyone with information can also call or text Det. Derick Chaney at 214-283-4804.