Trackdown: Help find David Lowe's killer

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This week’s Trackdown focuses on a man caught on tape shooting and killing another man outside a Far North Dallas bar.

It happened in February, but the suspect is still at-large.

Dallas police know who the shooter is, but they don't know where he is. Now, he's on the North Texas Fugitive Task Force’s most wanted list.

The North Texas Fugitive Task Force goes after the most dangerous fugitives in North Texas, wherever they may go.

William Wilford Cooks, street name Nino, is one of the fugitives they’re hunting.

“We just know there are people doing a very good job to try to keep him from going to jail,” said Dallas Detective Chelsea Whitaker, who spent 13 years with DPD and six years on the North Texas Fugitive Task Force.

At 2 a.m., back on Feb. 23, police piled into the parking lot of the strip center in the 3900 block of Rosemeade Parkway.

Beef between William Cooks and David Lowe fired up inside The Draft House bar.

“Fugitive William Cooks was involved in a verbal altercation that kind of spilled out into the parking lot area. Words were exchanged and tempers were flaring,” Det. Whitaker said. “It happened right here in front of this Japanese restaurant after they spilled out of The Draft House and came over here, and he pulled out a gun and shot him several times.”

Cooks is seen skipping through the parking lot in his red sweatpants after fatally wounding Lowe.

“[Lowe] does have family and loved ones, and, you know, people that care for him who would really like to see the wheels of justice start to turn to protect the citizens, and for some type of closure for the family,” Whitaker added.

Closure comes with catching William "Nino" Cooks. His likeness is on billboards across North Texas.

Whitaker's work has taken her to people related to Cooks across the Metroplex: Frisco, Plano, Little Elm, Farmers Branch, Garland, and Dallas.

“We've gone to family members’ homes, several friends, his associates. He’ll hang out in this area and bars up the street. The public knows him. He’s a regular here. His brother used to work at The Draft House. We've talked to everybody we can talk to that’s here,” Whitaker said.

Whitaker has one last word of warning for Cooks.

“We're not going to stop looking for you. We cross state lines and we go anywhere to try to apprehend somebody, and you’ve got to win 100% of the time, and for us, we only have to win once,” she concluded.

Your help can put the North Texas Fugitive Task Force and Dallas PD in the win column on this one.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $5,000 reward.

You can call Crime Stoppers or DPD Detective Andrea Isom, as this is her case. Her number is 214-671-3701.

Help “Trackdown” a killer caught on tape, but still at-large.