Trackdown: Help find Daniel Pacheco's killer

In this week’s Trackdown, Mesquite police hope the public can help them identify the shooter who killed an 18-year-old North Mesquite High School senior.

Daniel Pacheco was at a house party on April 1, 2017, when he was struck by gunfire.

"It was all over social media, so a lot of kids who didn’t know everybody showed up at this particular party," said detective Justin Berg, with Mesquite PD's Major Crimes Unit.

[REPORTER: "So, literally, there were hundreds of kids [at the party]?"

"Yes sir," Berg responded.

Police say someone threw water on the crowd, which led to some pushing and shoving, before partygoers then heard two separate sets of gunfire.

When the chaos stopped, Pacheco was down on the ground after being shot.

"Nobody had any problems with him, He wasn’t involved in a fight, and everything we know about him is a very good, hard working young man who was just attending a party," Berg said.

Pacheco would've graduated high school the next month, and had been working at UPS for more than a year.

His mother is still devastated about losing her son.

"It’s very hard and tough to wake up every morning, hoping this nightmare is going to be over," said Maria Pacheco, Daniel's mother. "It's almost been two years, and it just seems like it happened just yesterday to us."

Nearly two years later, police still do not have video or pictures of the suspect.

"All we're asking, we're begging somebody that knows something to help us make justice for Daniel," Maria Pacheco pleaded.

Detective Berg has worked extra hours on this case, and is asking anyone with information to call him at 972-204-4956.

There is also a Crime Stoppers reward being offered for this case.