Trackdown: Help find Chase Holley's killer

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In this week’s Trackdown, Dallas police hope the public can help them find two men caught on tape who may be able to tell detectives something about a murder from five months ago.

The video shows two men, who appear to be in their late teens or early 20s, taking stuff out of a storage facility that was rented by 17-year-old Chase Holley. They stuffed those items they took in a white Nissan.

"On September 1, that's a Saturday morning, about 8:30 in the morning, witnesses saw a black Charger [near I-45 N and Overton] that was smoking, that was on fire," Dallas homicide detective Tonya McDaniel said.

Holley's body was found in the charred Charger. His body was found on the very same day the two men were caught on camera taking items from his storage unit.

The detective does know why Holley's body was set on fire at that intersection.

"He didn't hang out with anybody he did not know," she said. "He had just moved into this apartment with some friends that he would let stay there off and on, so he was doing good trying to be independent on his own."

McDaniel said her key piece of evidence right now is that video of the two men taking items from Holley's storage unit.

"They look like they knew exactly what they were going for," McDaniel said. "They look like they are either white or Hispanic males, the same height. One has on black pants, one has on light colored pants. One has a hat on his head, one does not. So if you know them, you can definitely know by the way they're walking, the way they're moving. Their face. Their haircuts. You know who they are."

Once police are able to identify these two men, they have a likely link to who killed Holley.

"[Holley] died of homicidal violence. Definitely sad the way that they left him, inside his own vehicle, and then, on top of that, set it on fire," McDaniel said.  

Crime Stoppers is offering reward money for information in this case. Detective McDaniel wants anyone with information to call her.

She has even given out her personal cell phone. You can call or text her at 469-261-6790.