Trackdown: Help find Ashraf Lakhani's killers

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In this week’s Trackdown, Lewisville police need help find the killers of a convenience store clerk earlier this month.

Video released to FOX 4 on Monday shows the two men who entered the Valero at 300 East Corporate Drive in Lewisville, intending to rob the store. The shooter is tall and lanky. The second suspect was in all black. Detectives say he was walking kind of on the "balls of his feet."

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The Valero surveillance system has microphones. It captured the voice of the man police say shot and killed Ashraf Lakhani. He barked commands and demanded cash and threatened to do exactly what he did. The men took some of the money but left most of the cash on the counter.

Lewisville Police Detective Andrea Fisher wants the public to see and hear the newly-released surveillance video of the men who robbed and killed Lakhani.

“We see the first male that enters. He's the guy in the Adidas jacket. The blue jacket,” Fisher said. “He immediately turns to the right. He already has the weapon up.”

Police released a picture of the suspected shooter last Monday. He was wearing an Adidas sweatshirt with a hood and stripes. It’s blue, and the stripes are white. But it’s also reversible. The other side is gray with blue stripes.

Lakhani is shot at 17 minutes past midnight.

“He has a very unique voice, and I do think that people that know him will know his voice,” Fisher said. “He's said to be a black male, from our witnesses. But he's very light skinned. When you listen to his voice, you can tell there's kind of a twang to it. He sounds like he could have some Hispanic descent.

The video didn’t capture his face, but it did capture his voice.

The sketch released last Monday is of the second man. Fisher says several people saw both of them before and after the senseless shooting.

“The second suspect never pulls out a gun,” the detective said. “But we believe he has one in his right front pocket by the way he's holding his hand in his pocket.”

Fisher is acting the public to listen closely to the audio to track the killer down.

“Close your eyes. Listen to that voice,” she said. “If you know them, this voice is unique.”

There is an $11,000 reward being offered. Call Det. Fisher at (972) 219-8477 or text 847411.