Trackdown: 2 arrests made in Dallas gun range burglary; 3rd suspect still sought

Federal agents say two of the three men wanted for stealing dozens of firearms at the DFW Gun Range and Training Center early Sunday morning have been caught.

But they're still trying to identify and find the third man who was seen in the surveillance video stealing guns.

ATF special agent Meredith Davis described the work by the trio who wiped the counters at DFW Gun Range of more than 40 guns at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

“The video shows the three suspects grabbing firearms just multitudes at a time, shoving them into bags that they brought with them, and then running out the door,” she said.

FOX4 reported on the theft Tuesday, and by Wednesday afternoon, two were in custody, with some weapons recovered.

The United States Attorney's Office will release the names of the individuals arrested after their initial appearance in federal court.

But the one still on the street is seen on surveillance video in red sweatshirt, with a little pet carrier and a backpack.

“Saturday night into Sunday morning was an unusually active evening. Within four hours, there were three either successful or attempted burglaries of federal firearm licensees within the city of Dallas,” Davis said.

Wednesday morning, thieves targeted Bullseye Range and Guns in Duncanville.

“In that store, there were at least two perpetrators that made off with several firearms,” Davis said.

But they were in the bullseye of the camera.

The pictures aren't the best, and one has a bandana over his face, but the other is uncovered. Even with a poor camera, if you know him, you’ll recognize him.

And there was light-colored Camaro with racing stripes on the trunk, not on the hood.

Anyone with information is asked to call the ATF at 888 ATF-TIPS or 469-227-4300.

Help trackdown the gun grabbers and get these guns off the street.