Tornado Safety: How to identify safest places inside your home

With severe storms possible Thursday that could bring tornados to North Texas, we wanted to make sure everyone knows where they should go if there is a tornado nearby.

Inside your home will be the safest place to be or a storm shelter, but it's important to know where you will go before danger hits to be prepared in case a tornado hits.

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For those who have a storm shelter, that would be the safest place to go.

For those who don't, you want to put as many walls as you can between you and what's going on outside.

You should find a location that is:

  • As close to the ground as possible
  • As far inside the building as possible
  • Away from doors, windows and outside walls
  • In as small of a room as possible
  • Not on an upper floor

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As the National Weather Service said, mobile homes and vehicles are the "last place you want to be during a tornado."