Top sheet on bed? Some Millennials say that's too much work

Stock image of bed by Liz West via Flickr

(Fox 32 News) - Do you have to use a top sheet on your bed?

A Twitter survey has found that 30 percent of respondents don't bother. Millennials told a reporter at our sister station in New York that top sheets are "not totally necessary," "extra work," "an extra thing to buy and an extra thing to wash."

A doctor said that washing is the key here. She said people should wash their sheets every week, and if they're just using a comforter or duvet, those should get washed frequently as well.

"My first thoughts when people are skipping flat sheets is that it's not the most sanitary thing," said Dr. Keri Peterson. "You should wash your duvet cover every week because it will be just as likely to get the same germs on them as your flat sheet will."