This summer you're going to do... absolutely nothing!

It’s summer so pack your bags, put your phone down and get ready to … take a nap.


A new Associated Press study found that what people most want to do during their summer vacation is nothing. #LifeGoals


Around three-fourths of Americans said resting and relaxing was very or extremely important to them during their warm weather escape this year. Snooze, you win!

But while peeps want to relax, they don’t want to do it at home, according to US News & World Report.


“Of those who plan a summer vacation, 92 percent are going away and only 8 percent are making it a staycation. More than half of those polled said relaxing at home doesn’t count as a real vacation.”

And whether in your backyard or Bali, most of us can’t stop checking our social media feeds!


Only 22 percent “completely disconnect” while on vacation. A third don’t even try to get away from the internet and social media.

If only we could all get away from FOMO!