Thieves targeting Plano neighborhoods rebuilding from spring storms

Police say thieves are targeting neighborhoods in Plano that are still trying to rebuild after hail storms in the spring.

While many homeowners are now having their roofs repaired, Plano police say more and more thieves are stealing bundles of shingles that add up to thousands of dollars.

The shingle thefts have caused such a problem, some roofing companies now require workers to lock and chain palettes of shingles when they deliver to a job site.

Police really just want to find the thieves responsible.

Homeowner Michael Pham says his neighbor posted a video of people in a small white SUV stealing hundreds of dollars in shingles Friday afternoon.

On Monday, just three days later, Pham also had shingles stolen. His roofing company had dropped off 60 bundles of shingles, totaling $1,600, that morning.

"Three rows were missing initially,” said Pham. “And after that, I left and came back around 4 o'clock and noticed a whole palette was missing. Pretty much almost half."

"Shingles are not cheap,” said David Tilley with the Plano Police Department. “And if you have enough of them, I'm sure probably in a black market you can make pretty good money on them."

Plano police have taken 74 reports of stolen shingles so far this year. The city has become a target for that kind of theft since hail storms damaged roofs this spring.

Last month, police tried to pull over a boy in a van who they say was stealing shingles in Plano, but he drove away and led officers on a chase that ended in Seagoville. But investigators believe he's one of many in a ring of thieves working together.

Police say the best way to prevent shingle theft is to have your contractor deliver shingles on the same day workers are going to repair the roof or to keep the shingles in your garage.