Thieves steal construction equipment from Arlington fencing company

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A group of thieves showed up at an Arlington construction equipment business armed with a plan.

They stole nearly a quarter-million dollars worth of equipment in more than one night. The group of thieves struck twice in one weekend. They used large flatbed trucks to wipe out the inventory from the fencing company.

Surveillance video inside T-Bar Fence Incorporated captured some of the suspects inside their warehouses on Saturday and Sunday.

Police say at least five suspects were involved in the heist. They spent hours inside during each of the break-ins and even used the company's forklifts to load heavy steel posts, lumber, tools and specialized hardware and other equipment.

The video shows three big flatbeds loaded with stolen good leaving the complex in the middle of the night last Saturday and Sunday. One of the company's owners says what was taken amounts to more than $250,000 worth of goods.

"It’s just incredible. You feel violated. We've been here for over 20 years, over 30 years,” said co-owner Mark Spradlin. “Our family's had this property. Never had anything close to that and it’s just disgusting."

Arlington police are hoping someone recognizes a woman who was seen at a Dallas pawn shop trying to pawn some of the stolen items.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Arlington Police Department.