Thieves break into Fort Worth animal shelter

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Fort Worth police are searching for two thieves who broke into an animal shelter.

The thieves stole electronics from the Animal Hope Pet Adoption Center and could've taken more, but a lab-mix pup stopped them.

Police believe one of the suspects may be connected to an ex-volunteer at the shelter.

The break-in happened early Tuesday just after 5 a.m.

The burglars were in and out in just three minutes, smashing through the front door with a brick.

Shelter employees are hoping someone can recognize the two thieves shown on video wearing baseball caps with tattoos on their forearms. They were caught on camera grabbing computers and a webcam.

Police believe the thieves were looking for something specific because one of them took a phone call during the break-in.

“It looks like they called somebody. They each hand the phone off. They both talk to the person,” said Benjamin Morris with the shelter. “I think they were looking for something. I think they were here for a specific reason.”

Shelter employees believe the burglars may have gotten away with more if it weren't for their lab mix in the back office who may have scared off the burglars.

Morris says they don't know what the two men may have been looking for, but they're taking things in stride. He hopes someone can recognize both men who stole from the non-profit no-kill rescue.

“You're trying to build something. Things like this, it's like you're trying to build a house of cards, and someone's hitting your elbow,” said Morris. “It's almost like you have to start all over again. It's frustrating.”

The rescue says the stolen items amount to several hundred dollars, and the cost of repairing their door and upping security will set them back.