The underdogs who could shock the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Don’t know who to root for in the 2018 FIFA World Cup? Why not root for a true underdog… here are some of the longshots who could become fan favorites, and maybe even shock the world on soccer’s biggest stage.

If you want to root for the ultimate longshot, then you want Saudi Arabia. Las Vegas odds have them at 1000 to 1 to win the tournament, the worst of any of the 32 teams.

Egypt is making its third FIFA World Cup appearance and first in 27 years. But the Egyptians have a long history of success in Africa, and could cause a few upsets. Plus, they have a cool nickname: the Pharaohs.

If you’re looking to get excited, Panama is appearing in its first FIFA World Cup ever. The nation of 4 million was so thrilled when it qualified, the president declared the next day a national holiday.

But no team embodies the underdog spirit as much as Iceland. With a population of just 334,000 people, Iceland is the smallest country to compete in this -- or any -- FIFA World Cup. And Iceland has a knack for upsets, knocking off England in the 2016 UEFA European Championship.

No matter who you pick, the 2018 FIFA World Cup promises to offer no shortage of action, and a few nail-biting upsets too.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup begins June 14 on FOX.