Texas ranked among nation's healthiest sleepers, according to study

If you're reading this article, then take it as a sign to make time for a nap. 

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A recent study by Countingsheep.net ranked Texas among the top 10 states in the U.S. with the healthiest sleepers. The survey looked at a number of people who treat their insomnia with medication instead of holistic methods. 

"As a sleepless nation, it’s evident that many of us struggle with finding techniques that help us fall asleep – and stay asleep – at night," a spokesperson from CountingSheep.net said in a statement. "It’s tempting to pick up an over-the-counter medication or prescription while having difficulty sleeping at night, however, it’s extremely important to remember the side effects that can occur – some of which, can have severe impacts on a person’s everyday functions and behaviors, like driving, or even walking. While things like meditation, deep breathing, and other relaxation techniques can have a less immediate impact, these behaviors can contribute to an overall healthier sleep routine for those who are struggling."


Texas ranked behind Pennsylvania and ahead of Florida, but was outranked by Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, California, and Ohio, which took the title for healthiest sleep state. 

Meanwhile, Vermont was ranked the unhealthiest sleep state ahead of Wyoming, Alaska as well as North and South Dakota. 

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