Texas power grid expects record electricity usage this summer

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas has announced slimmer than ever margins between supply and forecasted demand for this summer.

The above-normal growth in electric demand could even lead to calls for conservation. But some local consumers say when it comes to cost they're not worried at all. 

Wade Erickson hasn't always lived such a cool life.

“I was always monitoring the thermostat and keeping it toward 77 degrees, which was quite hot,” he said.

Erickson says his house was rather uncomfortable and was paying about $350 a month on his electric bill. He considered it just the high cost of living under the hot Texas sun.

I never really paid much attention to my energy bill,” he admitted.

For years, Erickson was paying 15 and a half cents per kilowatt hour. Today, he pays less than six. He says he now saves thousands of dollars.

Erickson got turned on to a Houston-based company called Energy Ogre. They act on behalf of consumers to shop the retail electric market for the lowest rate and for the rate that stays the lowest when you apply your specific energy use.

Jesson Bradshaw is the company CEO.

“Most people have not been able to unlock all of the value for themselves,” he said.

Bradshaw says most people are too distracted by heavily advertised gimmicks and specials that only appear to save you money

“There's a reason providers are advertising those plans because they are generally their highest margin plans,” he said.

Instead for $10 a month, Energy Ogre shops the thousands of rates available each day. When they find the cheapest one for you, they grab it.

And with ERCOT announcing slim margins between production and demand for this summer, now is the time to take action before prices jump

“Folks who are paying 13, 14, 15, 9 cents a kilowatt hour need to do something sooner rather than later,” Bradshaw said.

It's the same electricity from the same grid. If the power goes out in a storm, it comes back on the same way it always did. The only difference is you pay less.

“We're saving people 20-30 percent, depending on where they are,” Bradshaw said.

Erickson says he's seen more savings than that.

“I was able to reduce our bills from $350 on average down to $200 for almost a 60% savings,” he said.

By looking at your past usage, the Energy Ogre website will calculate your savings before you ever commit so you know in advance how much you will save.

They are so confident they can cut your bill that they are giving away a month of their service for free.

LINK: www.energyogre.com/r/freebie