Texas man receives 2nd life-saving transplant from family member at Dallas hospital

A San Angelo man's 25-year-old son donated his kidney to his dad this week at Methodist Dallas.

It's a sweet enough story on its own, but there was an added twist. This is the second time Gama Gonzalez has received the gift of life from a family member.

"I had already had a kidney transplant and I know the feeling," Gonzalez said.

Gama Gonzalez recognized the feeling last fall, the feeling of his health on a familiar downward spiral.

"I was very weak. I was in the hospital for a couple of days," he added.

The kidney his sister donated to him 20 years ago had served him well, but it was time for a replacement, or a life consumed by dialysis.

Enter Gama's son, Aaron Gonzalez.

"You didn't see him before but he looks a lot better now than he did before," Aaron said.

The decision to go under the knife and donate a kidney to his dad was a no brainer.

"It was pretty exciting to know that I didn't need both kidneys and that my dad really needed one was just really cool. The opportunity to be able to give him something that would really make a difference in his life," Aaron Gonzalez said.

"The transplant surgery is pretty smooth as we anticipated. He has excellent kidney function right now and doing well," Dr. Kosunarty Fa said.

Dr. Fa said they often see relatives volunteering to help, but it's rare to see two different family members step in to save a life.

"That's what love does, right," Aaron said. "You make sacrifices for the people you care deeply about."

"I have great joy now in my life. It's a great joy to be able to receive that gift again," Gama said.

Gama said he started feeling a lot better immediately after surgery, and wants others to know the life-saving power of donation.

"I just feel people need to be aware of donating and giving the gift of life for others," he added.

Aaron joked he gave his dad the Cadillac of kidneys, so it should be the last one he needs.