Texas leads the nation in this year's pandemic employment recovery

The Texas economy is coming back according to economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

In March, Texas jobs grew by 11%, which is better than the national average. New jobless claims have also fallen.

A big problem holding back some industries like the restaurant and hotel industries is that they cannot find enough workers to fill all their openings as business rebounds.

"The fear of the virus is still there. Secondly, many parents have to stay home because several schools aren’t open fully and there’s been difficulty finding childcare. Finally, as you said, the unemployment benefits, jobless benefits, those extra $300 supplements on top of regular jobless benefits," said Anil Kumar, a senior economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

To see the full Dallas Fed economy report for Texas, visit www.dallasfed.org/research/economics/2021/0506.