Texas Baptist Men taking extra precautions for tornado relief efforts

A group that sends help to areas damaged by disasters is heading to Young County, northwest of Fort Worth.

The Texas Baptist Men are loading up trucks to help those affected by Wednesday’s tornado near Graham.

They’ll be ready to serve meals and two teams equipped with chainsaws will help with the cleanup.

Because of coronavirus concerns, they plan to work in groups smaller than 10 people and won’t all be staying together in a church overnight.

“TBM always does what we need to do to deliver help, hope and healing after disasters in Texas – even if it’s during a global pandemic,” said Dwain Carter, the director of TBM Disaster Relief. “Within 24 hours of the tornado, we are providing meals to people who have been affected by the storm. By the time the sun rises tomorrow, we will be on the field serving.”

The volunteers will also have their temperatures checked each day.