Teen rides off to stop runaway horse from busy Maryland highway (VIDEO)

A viral video captures a Maryland teen who gallantly helped rescue a runaway horse from traffic along a busy Anne Arundel County road.

Caroline Shoults took to action on Sunday after a horse got out from a barn during a riding competition at De Novo Farms in Anne Arundel County.

After she took off, fellow riders got in a car and followed behind to act as a shield to try to keep other cars away from the horses.

Jeanette Newland posted a video on social media, taken by 13-year-old Julia Young, pf Caroline's heroic efforts to try and prevent the horse from entering the roadway along busy Andover Road, close to BWI Airport.

"At our first horse show to support Dianne from our barn family when we see another horse broke free from her halter and took off. A brave 16-year-old getting ready to compete stopped to help try to catch her," said Newland on Facebook.

"The one thing that kept me sane was just talking to my horse. I can't quite say I was scared," Caroline said to FOX 5 on Skype.

"I think I was just so focused on a positive outcome I didn't have time to be scared, especially in a situation like that and then adrenaline definitely masked a lot of emotions as well," she said.

The runaway pony named Ice eventually tired out -- and got about three miles away but was stopped without harm.

"What an adventure we all had. Just thankful that the horses and the people helping were all safe, could have easily turned bad," said Newland.

"It was pretty intense with the traffic and could have turned bad in so many ways, but she kept her cool and help keep the horse safe until she tired herself out. We kept the traffic from trying to pass her and spooking the horses," Newland said to FOX 5.

Caroline's heroic horse, named Tinkerbell, is actually a rescue, saved from a kill pen in Texas.

Caroline and Tinkerbell even went on to win third place out of 19 competitors after the whole ordeal.