Teen charged with Bedford girl's murder to remain in custody

The 16-year-old boy accused of murdering a Bedford girl will remain in custody despite another attempt by his family to seek his release.

Jordin Roache is charged with murder for the death of Kaytlynn Cargill in an apparent dispute over a drug deal. She disappeared in June from her apartment complex and her body was found two days later in an Arlington landfill.

Roache’s mother asked that he be released to her during a hearing Monday afternoon in Fort Worth.

It was the second time since his arrest that Roache and his family have been in court asking a judge to let him go home with his mother wearing an ankle monitor while the district attorney's office puts together their case.

During the detention hearing, Roache's attorney Frank Adler told the judge that at some point he expects to dispute all of the allegations police outlined against Roache in an affidavit.

A Tarrant County Juvenile Court judge said he had to consider the allegations and the possible risk to the community before ruling that Roache would remain in detention.

The family and the attorney have so far not been willing to comment on camera.