Tarrant County Meals on Wheels seeking volunteers to help out

The Tarrant County Meals on Wheels organization is putting out a desperate call for help.

Because of an increase in clients, they said more delivery drivers are needed to meet the demand.

Former military pilot and retired attorney Greg Gibson took an hour of his day Wednesday to lend a helping hand.

Gibson is a regular volunteer for Tarrant County Meals on Wheels.

"You can’t imagine how this has helped us. I am very serious on that. You just cannot believe what it’s done for us," said Edie Mooney, who is a caretaker for her husband.

Meals on Wheels currently has 43 open routes in Tarrant County. It’s the result of an increasing number of clients.

The agency is appealing to anyone with a little time and a running vehicle to become a volunteer delivery driver. 

"If you can’t do a regular route, we encourage people to become a substitute driver, delivery driver. There are different ways you can help," Phillip Gonzalez said. "We know gas is what it is, and your time is your time, so we try to keep it to that one hour a day."


Meals on Wheels dealing with delivery driver shortage

More people are in need of delivery services from Meals on Wheels, leaving the organization scrambling for volunteer delivery drivers.

Gibson has gotten to know most of the people he delivers to.

"Being here every day, somebody showing up every day, even though it’s only for a minute, I think it means as much as the meal," Gibson said. "Point of it is, that’s why I like doing it."

His dog, Lucy, has too.

"My volunteers are so nice," said Mary Mieth, who has been a Meals on Wheels client since 2014.

Tarrant County Meals on Wheels is asking anyone with some free time to help out. 

"I leave home usually about 10 o’clock. I’m almost always home by 11:30 or 11:45. The deliveries themselves take about an hour or even less. It’s not a burden at all, it’s a pleasure," Gibson added.

"The message now is if you’ve got one hour, one day a week, we could use you," Gonzalez said.

Those interested in volunteering can visit Meals on Wheels' website or call 817-336-0912.