Tamar Braxton claims Oak Lawn bar turned her away for being black

Singer and reality TV star Tamar Braxton says she was snubbed by a Dallas nightclub because of what she was wearing. She shared her experience with her nearly three million Instagram followers.

Braxton claims the rejection was racial in nature. The Oak Lawn staple, JR’s Bar and Grill, does have a dress code that it posts in front of the establishment. But there are many who think it unfairly targets a certain group of people.

JR's has been here in Dallas for 40 years. It's a staple on Cedar Springs. But it’s now being called racist for turning away Braxton.

The actress shared video of her standing outside JR's in Dallas Monday night. The singer and sister of Toni Braxton posted a video for her Instagram followers claiming that she couldn't get in because she didn't meet the dress code. But, she took it a step further.

“They said zero tolerance for black people,” Braxton said in the Instagram video.

Charles Roy is one of many who frequents the popular gay bar and is well aware of the dress code, which says, "no sweat towels, no backpacks, pants are to be worn around the waist, no sunglasses worn inside, give respect, get respect" and "zero tolerance policy.”

“I know they have signs up that say zero tolerance, but I think that's for drug peddling and some other things that have gone on here in the past,” Roy said. “I don't think that's being racist.”

“Are there certain areas of Dallas that are discriminatory? Maybe,” said Louis Dofrman. “But I don't think this is one of them. I mean, this is the ‘gayborhood’ for God's sake!”

Hundreds of comments on JR’s Facebook page, mostly from Braxton fans, take a different tone.

“Even in the gay community, people are a racist,” one person commented. “Smh I will never support y'all ever again."

“How could you be so naive and oblivious?” another commenter said. “Black people have supported JR's but not any longer. The incident is disgraceful, tasteless, and racist."

“I would hope that it's exaggerated, and it's not the establishment,” said Derek Harper. “I, personally, have not experienced anything like that.”

Caven Enterprises, which is based in Dallas and owns JR's, released a statement. It did not specifically respond to Braxton's claim of 'zero tolerance for black people.”

The company said, in part, for safety reasons it has "strict guidelines that have been designed in collaboration with city and state regulators."

Caven Enterprises went on to say, "We were simply following our published procedures.  It would have been a beautiful experience and honor to add Tamar Braxton to the long list of celebrities who have enjoyed JR's as a safe and inclusive entertainment venue.  We are deeply saddened that she didn't experience the love that awaited her inside."

“Come to JR's and have a discussion with their management or their staff rather than just putting that on social media,” Harper said.

Braxton is performing at Verizon Theatre Wednesday night as part of her Great Xscape tour. She has not posted anything acknowledging the incident since posting the video.