Suspect arrested in deadly Plano apartment shooting

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Police have arrested the person accused of shooting several people and killing one person at an apartment complex in Plano.

Plano Police Officer David Tilley confirmed four people were shot Thursday morning in the 7400 block of Alma Drive. One of the victims also crashed a vehicle in the Cross Creek Apartments parking lot.

One victim died. Tilley said the others were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. He didn't have any information on whether they lived or worked at the complex.

Late Thursday afternoon, police announced they arrested 18-year-old Franklin Barnes in connection with the shooting. He was arrested in McKinney on Thursday around 7 p.m.

Police have not yet said what prompted the shooting but said they believe it was an isolated incident. They believe at least one victim was targeted.

Despite several damaged cars in the parking lot related to the shooting, police say they believe the initial gunfire happened in another part of the complex.

One man who showed up to the scene said his daughter was among the injured victims. Her truck was just beyond the police tape.

Those who live nearby were startled by the rapid gunfire.

“It was like real quick,” recalled resident Alex King. “I heard someone screaming, ‘They shot my baby daddy.’ And the next thing you know there are all these officers looking for someone.”

It was traumatizing for residents like Linzie Moss who was heading to work and was suddenly faced with someone needing life-saving help.

“I came around the bend and I saw the man on the ground covered in blood. Someone came running up to me screaming that he'd been shot,” she recalled. “He was talking so I'm hoping that he does survive. He was conscious, but he did lose quite a bit of blood.”

Plano ISD said several schools in the area went into lockout mode because of the police activity. They included Rasor, Elementary, Hedgecoxe Elementary, Hendrick Middle and Clark High schools.

Police have not said what caused the first gunshots.The victims have not been identified.

Barnes is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Police say additional charges are pending.

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