Suspect accused of pushing man onto DART tracks confesses in jailhouse interview

The man accused of pushing a DART passenger onto the tracks confessed to FOX 4 from jail.

Anthony Davis, 27, is charged with aggravated assault.

The incident happened last Monday night at the Morell Station near the Dallas Zoo.

Davis told FOX 4 he was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana at the time. He claimed the man he assaulted was arguing with a DART attendant. He said he didn't like the way the man was speaking to the woman, so he intervened by assaulting him.

But from his hospital, victim Juan Diaz said that wasn't him. He said he was also confronting the person who harassed the female attendant when someone came up and hit him from behind, knocking him onto the tracks as the train started moving.

"The only thing I remember is somebody just came from behind, hit my lip and my right eye. I don't know how he punched me but the only thing I remember is it hitting. The train was already moving and then I hit the train and the train sucked me in," he said.

Davis said he now regrets his actions. He said he is ready to face the consequences.

"I'm sorry man. I can't. I know things can't get better, but hopefully things can get fixed,” he said. “I just wish I wasn't under the influence of alcohol and I wish I cared at the moment and cared for the guy."

Firefighters had to use special equipment to free Diaz. He now has compound fractures in both legs and will have a long road to recovery.

"My legs are not going to be the same," he said.

Diaz has been relying on his faith to get through this difficult time and said he does forgive Davis for the violent encounter.