StubHub facing class-action lawsuit after changing refund policy amid COVID-19 pandemic

Just about every major ticketed event has been canceled or postponed due to COVID-19.

Now, the terms under which you bought your tickets may have changed.

Come COVID-19, third-party ticket sellers like StubHub have changed their terms after the fact for many folks. It’s now the subject of a class-action lawsuit.

Nick Daddario says when it came to opening day at Globe Life Field, he knew exactly where to shop

“It was a tough ticket to get,” he said. “I had to go to the secondary market. I went to StubHub.”

The terms at the time of his March 3 purchase were clear. Canceled events will get a full refund. But now, StubHub has revised their terms.

“You're changing the rules of the game afterward, so I have an issue with that,” Daddario said.

Since COVID-19 has come, StubHub’s new policy is no refunds. Those with tickets to canceled events will get a credit of 120% of the purchase price.

For Daddario, that price was $6,200.

In this case, opening day may have come and gone, but the event hasn't technically been canceled. In fact, the MLB only describes games not played as "impacted."

According to their website, StubHub maintains Daddario is free to resell the tickets to someone else or wait it out and attend the game.

“I paid for a service I never got. And in terms, what I really want won’t happen,” he said. “So I don't get the option to say just give me my money back. I have to then keep using their service in the future for something else.”

And if you're wondering what happens to sellers StubHub's latest policy is clear. While they're not refunding buyers, they are charging the credit card accounts of those who made money selling tickets on their site to events which have been officially canceled.

“So they’re hitting them, but they’re not refunding that money back to me,” Daddario said. “Fundamentally, I just have a problem with that.”

Daddario opted for hard tickets so he'd have a nice keepsake. They never arrived.

FOX 4 reached out to StubHub in the hopes that may prompt the seller to refund his money. We have not heard back.

In the meantime, Daddario was able to get a temporary credit from his credit card company.