Southlake identity theft suspect arrested and then released

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The Southlake identity theft suspect whose picture went viral on social media was arrested over the weekend. She was also released shortly afterward because of medical concerns.

Southlake police accused Crystal Ladawn Finley of opening up several credit card accounts under other people’s names. The department shared her pictures on Twitter. The series of tweets went viral with more than 3 million views.

“Dearest Crystal Ladawn Finley, what’s been up?! We've obvi been looking all over for you!” the department said in the caption.

All the attention paid off. Finley was arrested by the Plano Police Department Sunday.

“Their officers were dispatched to a criminal trespass 911 call and as they arrived saw a pregnant female walking out of an abandoned apartment. She immediately told them, ‘I don't know what you been reading on Facebook but that ain't me.’ The trespasser was Crystal Ladawn Finley and it was indeed her. Plano confirmed on her many outstanding warrants and transported her to Collin County Jail,” Southlake police said.

But Plano police said when Finley was booked into the Plano jail she told jail staff she was pregnant, close to her due date and needed medical attention. The staff took her to a local hospital where she refused treatment.

Since Finley’s outstanding warrants were for non-violent offenses, Plano police decided to release her and put her warrants back on the computer.

Plano PD Officer David Tilley said the officers were in a Catch-22 so-to-speak. He said this sort of thing is not common and “not something that happens every day.”

The Plano and Southlake police departments are working together after what happened.

Even though Finley is still free, Southlake police said all the attention on her case has helped bring in tips even for other crimes.

“We received literally hundreds of tips that not only lead to more information about Crystal, but also to information about previous thefts and crimes we had posted about that have helped us identify and bring other thieves to justice,” the department said. “From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for reading, thank you for paying attention, and thank you for helping us put one more bad guy who could defraud you, hurt you, cause pain to you, or steal from you, behind bars.”