Southlake firefighter steals signs from Astros, uses trash can to warn drivers of officer with radar gun

The Southlake Department of Public Safety stole signs from the Houston Astros and posted a parody video of a firefighter banging on a trash can to warn drivers about an officer using a radar gun ahead.

The department poked fun at the Astros, who are dealing with an illegal sign stealing scandal in which they banged on a trash can to tell their hitters what kind of pitch was about to be thrown.

Southlake DPS posted the parody video on their Twitter.

In the video, an officer is using a radar gun, and all the drivers he radars are going the speed limit.

He’s pleasantly surprised that all the drivers are being really safe today.

The video then cuts away to a firefighter in an Astros jersey who is behind a nearby tree.

The firefighter is seen banging on a trash can to warn the drivers about the officer who is using the radar gun ahead.

At the end of the video, it says: “We don’t care what it takes for you to slow down and follow the speed limit. Drive astro-nomically safe today in Southlake.”

It's unknown if the firefighter also had a buzzer under his unform.