Southeast Texas family of 6 all battling COVID-19

A Texas family of six has a warning about the pandemic after they all tested positive for COVID-19.

Health officials are always talking about the rate at which COVID-19 can spread. There’s no better example of that than the Cordova family from Diboll in Angelina County, northeast of Houston.

The six members of the Cordova family range in age from 19 to 44. Most are employed in the medical field.

Beth Cordova said her daughter started showing symptoms of the virus two weeks ago. Days later, all of the other family members were sick.

“I’m not surprised that we got it really because we’re all in health care. But we all kinda started out with a low-grade temp at first,” Beth said. “It’s just constant chills like over my whole body and then whenever the fever breaks it’s just like constant sweating until the fever comes back.”

The Cordova family are all home recovering. They wanted to share a warning for others, saying everyone needs to wear a mask in public to prevent spreading the virus.

Beth said she’s never experienced an illness like COVID-19 before and she hopes she never does again.

“Like, I can’t wait for the vaccine to come out because I will be the first one in line,” she said. “Everyone was saying, ‘Oh it was nothing but a bunch of hype. This is not real.’ And it absolutely is real. You need to have your mask with you at all times.”