South Carolina auto mechanics find 8-foot albino boa constrictor in engine: 'Is someone missing their pet?'

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Auto mechanics in South Carolina were surprised when they found a 8-foot albino boa. (Matthew Trudeau Photography)

Auto mechanics in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, when they popped the hood of an engine. 

They found an 8-foot albino boa constrictor!

"The customer brought the vehicle in for a check engine light on," Matt Trudeau of Beach Automotive Group told FOX Television Stations. "We opened the hood and were very surprised to see it." 

"We thought it was dead at first but no," he continued. "We contacted the snake chaser here in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. He’s going to find it a home."

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Trudeau also shared pictures of the snake on his Facebook page

"Is someone missing their pet?" he asked. 

Boa constrictors are not venomous, though their bites exert a great deal of pressure and can cause bodily injury.

FOX News contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.