Some North Texans brave chilly weather for outdoor activities

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With another night of freezing temperatures before the warm-up begins, the cold weather is a mixed blessing for crews putting up Christmas lights.

Over the last couple of days of this cold snap, we’ve seen events and things moving inside due to the weather. Some, though, actually enjoy the outside and even make a living off it.                     

The early November blast of cold is putting people in the holiday spirit and ready to pay companies to hang up their lights.

Jonathan Parrish is the owner of Higher Ground Lighting.

“We like when the cold comes because it gets people in that spirit, and the phones definitely start ringing,” he said.

But while it’s good for business, it still isn't necessarily enjoyable to work in.

“I wouldn't say I love working in the cold. No, not at all,” Parrish said. “But we make the best of it.”

Others choose to venture out into it for fun, including folks meeting up after dark from the White Rock Running Co-op.

“It’s more the rain that will deter people,” said Julie Lanaux with the organization. “As miserable as it is to start and stand in this, this is not bad running weather.”

It’s not bad to head out in if you find joy in what you're doing.