Skydiver recovers phone after it fell from his pocket at 12,000 feet

A skydiver managed to recover his phone without a scratch after it fell from his pocket at 12,000 feet in Zephyrhills in late March.

"I got that feeling that we all get when we know we're missing our phone. We start tapping our legs. We're like, all right, where is it?" shared Frank Carballido.

Carballido, a content creator who regularly shares footage from his skydiving adventures, captured the video showing the moment the phone slipped from his pocket as he and another skydiver were performing a mid-air trick.

"It happened so quickly that if you just play the video normally, I wouldn't have seen it. That's why I had to pause it and then zoom in to the phone because it's a millisecond," explained Carballido.

Carballido documented how he found his phone using the ‘find my device’ feature that provided him with coordinates. He followed the coordinates, which led him to a wooded area where he managed to recover his phone.

"I've heard of this happening before, you know, with people's phones and all kinds of phones where they dropped it. Normally we're skydiving over, you know, forests over soft areas. So it's not uncommon. But I didn't believe it until I saw it. It's crazy," said Carballido.

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The skydiver told Storyful the phone was a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in a Deerlamn case. According to Carballido, there was no damage at all to the inside or outside.

"If you go skydiving, and you take your phone, zip up your pocket," he warned.

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